Monday, 3 October 2016

Nazism Was a By-product of Crystal Meth.

Breaking bad can't hold a candle to this. Check out this groundbreaking article from Guardian that points out how much of The Third Reich's achievements, including the invasion of France. Check out this interesting piece here. Also, Guardian's the best newspaper of our time. 

Was Blitzkrieg, then, largely the result of the Wehrmacht’s reliance on crystal meth? How far is Ohler willing to go with this? He smiles. “Well, Mommsen always told me not to be mono-causal. But the invasion of France was made possible by the drugs. No drugs, no invasion. When Hitler heard about the plan to invade through Ardennes, he loved it [the allies were massed in northern Belgium]. But the high command said: it’s not possible, at night we have to rest, and they [the allies] will retreat and we will be stuck in the mountains. But then the stimulant decree was released, and that enabled them to stay awake for three days and three nights. Rommel [who then led one of the panzer divisions] and all those tank commanders were high – and without the tanks, they certainly wouldn’t have won.”
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