Monday, 5 August 2013

Pink Floyd Album Cover Project.

I discovered Pink Floyd long before Justin Bieber hit puberty. But this post isn't about their beautiful music, for plenty has already been said about that and if I started to add to it, this might turn into a blog of its own.

I just wanted to appreciate how inventive and visually striking Pink Floyd's album covers have been. Much like their concerts actually. And although I love the illustrated covers, it's the photographed ones that take my breath away. 

Look at this one. It's subliminal. Haunting. Yet completely je ne sais quoi. Yes, they make me go completely artsy fartsy and use French.

So inspired by these covers, I started taking photographs which would vaguely resemble Floyd covers. Eventually it made way for the Floyd Album Cover Project. Please find my humble attempts after the jump and let me know what you make of them. Merci Beaucoup fellow lost souls from the fish bowl! 

Double click for a better view.

Double click for a better view.

Goodbye Blue Sky.

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