Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Stars Star, Actors Act.

I love Tom Cruise. I've ODed on Jerry Maguire and A Few Good Men more than I would like to admit. But Tom Cruise has a problem that a lot of actors have...he simply is a star. So whether he is playing a pilot or a sports agent, he plays himself, and in the process completely ignores a huge detail about voices.

A voice can make or break a character. Here's a freakin' awesome video from the good folks at Wired that show which actors completely nail an accent. It's usually a detail you wouldn't notice till you know the region or accent yourself, but take a moment to acknowledge this. If an actor takes enough care to master a Welsh or Polish accent, you know the movie, and the acting will be far more superior. So by default this video becomes sort of like a compass that highlights actors who care about their craft, and of course, characters.

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