Monday, 15 February 2016

Serendipity is Using Saavn Radio and Finding Out That Snow Patrol Once Covered Beyonce.

Ever used Saavn Radio? It’s really good. No, this isn’t a plug for Saavn. It IS good. You pick an artist or genre, hit the 'Start Radio' button on Saavn and the app plays more music from the same artist/genre. Use the thumbs up and down buttons to show which songs match your taste and Saavn Radio gets better at playing songs for you.

Anywho, I was listening to Snow Patrol on Radio Mode when I came across this gem.

Yes, you heard it right. Snow Patrol once covered Queen Bey. Cause, why wouldn’t they? And Bey’s words sound even better with bass guitar. God Bless, Lightbody and friends. God save the Queen Bey?! Oh, screw this. Let's sing.

Got me looking so crazy right now your touch,
Got me looking so crazy right now your kiss,
Got me looking so crazy right now...
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