Monday, 15 February 2016

Giving Up Gracefully.

Hey, man. How are you doing? You've come a long way. Way further than most people thought you would. Well, who gives four flying fucks about what people think? Anyway, you've got much further to go. You will get there. But let's talk about all the places you aren't going to get to. No, I am not talking about you working as a double agent or a spy. Or your dreams of being a professional gamer. It's about those other things. It's about the things you wanted to do with your life. The other side dreams. These beautiful sub-projects you had but...

But, you know these will be just mere thoughts. Or afterthoughts. Or daydreams inspired those who will be living your dreams. These are just fireflies in a jar. They will burn bright but they will die out. And, die, they must.

What will you do then? Grieve? Of course, why wouldn't you? But, don't grieve too much. It's not worth your time. You don't feel bad for not being the next Kimi Raikkonen. Or the next Misty Copeland. Cause you just weren't meant to do those things. Or be great in those ways. And, that is okay.

You are meant to be great in different ways. Your story will have a happy ending. But not every chapter of it will end happily. So, suck it up. It's okay, really. Besides, you will get where you have to far more quickly without carrying the baggage of broken dreams. Physics, right? Not your strong suit. I know that. But, its laws apply. To everything.
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