Friday, 22 May 2015

Fix Your To-Do List.

Okay, I'm a workaholic. I thought I wouldn't be one of those but it's actually not that surprising. I've always been single-minded about things. And it serves me in good stead. At work. I scored some major brownie points at work today. I also decided that it was about time I learnt how to edit videos. Get a hang of either Sony Vegas or Adobe AfterEffects. And then I noticed it. I wanted to learn something that would let me be more efficient at work. I didn't want to learn it for the sheer joy of it. I didn't want to learn something that would help me grow as a person and not as a professional. Never mind the fact that more videos would make this blog more enjoyable for you, dear reader.

We all have this To-Do List. The job we want at a particular age. The package we want after serving a particular tenure. But none of us have this list for our personal goals. The number of marathons you want to run by 25. The number of continents you want to visit by 27. The number of languages you want to speak. It's time I added these life goals to my to-do list. It sounds like a minor thing but things are looking really intense right about now. I mean I wanted to learn Mandarin because I wanted to work in China and that took precedence over the fact that I wanted to learn French because, well, who doesn't love French?

Anyway, must work on that. Also, stick to the other resolution I made of sleeping on time. Night.
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