Saturday, 23 May 2015

Me And Earl And The Dying Girl Looks So Promising.

My generation feeds on minor connections. They just need someone to drink with on Friday night. Doesn't matter if you love them or can barely tolerate them. As long as they are in front of you, and you aren't alone, it's enough. So it's nice to see a film that talks about a tween who's happy being superficially pally with everyone in school but grows to make an actual connection with a classmate who has cancer. Yes, thanks to The Fault in Our Stars we are going to be bombarded with cancer flicks. But then again, they don't have to be depressing. There's life, love and laughter in the face of death. Maybe showing that won this flick the Jury and Audience awards at Sundance. Hopefully this movie is as good as its trailer and prompts a few people to put their phones down and actually strive to make a real connection with someone.

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