Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Where to Find Inspiration for Your Novel.

From life, of course. But, which parts of life? If Hanya Yanagihara would answer that question, she would say photos and articles that somehow get seared in your consciousness. I hadn't even heard of Hanya till the Vulture covered her and her process of writing a novel is fascinating.

Hanya narrates how before she started writing her novel A Little Life, she was collecting these pieces - both photographic and written and kept referring to them while writing her actual novel. It's amazing to see how she let the pieces themselves inspire her and lead the way. She didn't use them to stitch a narrative but rather help her find the nuances and the mood of her story. Pretty cool, right? Makes me feel that I haven't been spending too much time collecting material for my debut novel.

Read the full piece here:$bEB9BHu0qL

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