Wednesday, 6 August 2008

'About me' or something not 'About me'

You were on orkut before visiting this page? You were, I know. The funny thing about orkut is the fact that almost everyone becomes something they dream of or something they want to be.

If you still don’t get me, am talking about the ‘About Me’ section on orkut. It’s totally hilarious! WHY? Hypocrisy makes it hilarious, people write adjectives, adjectives not even defining one tenth of their persona, most insecure people out there tend to describe themselves as something they always wanted to be and maybe they never would be that. It makes me laugh, why can’t people accept themselves the way they are? Be yourself, you can’t run, so what if you ain’t that great, accept yourself first if you really wanna change…

Wow! Don’t I sound like a spiritual guru! But let me put a smile on your face, here are some of the about me “interpretations”, I’d come across, they are right most of the time.* conditions do apply*

‘Hii am the Koolest n da cutest guy out there” which means ‘I look average, My last girl friend dumped me , that too happened 15 years ago and now a days even my imaginary friends are avoiding me’
I had a classmate, it was mandatory for her to use ‘F**k’ in every sentence, I never got the point you know, found it necessary to make fun of every other girl’s assets and accessories (btw, she wasn’t of the Angelina Jolie sorts herself) and she absolutely loved bitching and cribbing! Sometimes I wonder if she was bipolar or something.
Now here’s her about me section:’ Am an angel of the truest kind. I love everything around me and make sure that I put a smile on everyone’s place, People get astounded with my aura, stay away from me ,before my charm gets you and makes you another one of the millions I have charmed with my million dollar smile and mind boggling persona.’(About the smile thing, she really needed a dentist)

Now the more common one’s like:-
‘I am here for Frandship, its everything for me, my Frands form my life, so lets be frands which means that ‘The girls who have met me avoid me and am trying my luck online. What say? Let’s fool around a bit..’

The one more prominent on the women side that have somewhat like 600 or 700 friends:-
‘I am very very very very very cute and am very very very sweet and am super friendly and my smile is beautiful enough to capture empires, grow mercy and mirth in the heart of the most ruthless and cruel people’ which usually means I am going to upload pictures of Priyanka Chopra and Priety Zinta and say I look like them, in your wildest dreams would you have a chance to see my real picture.

The most pathetic part is after writing all this people say ‘I don’t really believe in self praise’

‘Am very funny and I can make anyone smile’ meaning that, I crack a lot of PJs and only I laugh at them and I sent people a lot of forwards through mails and sms.

Open your eyes, you would catch plenty of people, trying to be the heroes of their own stories, only online though. I hope I haven’t offended anyone and if I have I really didn’t mean too! Take care and keep smiling!
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