Sunday, 29 June 2008

And then I knew angels do exist!

Hey!I wrote this poem for my best friend for her birthday!
this doesn't prove that am highly generic in giving gifts or that I am low on money just a way of saying thanx!
hope u people like it!

sometimes life doesn't go the way u want it 2 b,feel that all the bad things in the world are happening 2 me!:-(
i bang my head against the wall and it doesn't make me feel any better,they say the going is just getting tough n m at the end of my tether!

i oughta be working but i cant concentrate,Einstein ,Mendel atoms n electrons have left them all 2 fate...
i knew things would change,
my life's been better since the day u came!

whenever I hear ur name theres a smile on my face,
hope u know,now that smile never fades!

I really don't know n I wud never know y,
jus ur voice is enough for me 2 kick my troubles good bye!:-)

when i was 5 they told me there was no tooth fairy,when i became 7,there aint no santa claus!:O
Maybe there ain't no god above or below us...

But u changed my mind,
u made me realize angels like u do live with us!
u may look normal n may do seemingly normal things but for me ur my angel with dat supercute smile n no wings!:-)

theres a lot more i cud say,
when u make me feel this way!

guess I can never put into words wat ur 2 me,
without u i'd have misery for company...

jus 2 sum it up I cud say life loses its meaning without u ,
all i can say is I need u for the rest of my life!

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