Monday, 23 June 2008

Mr. China phone!

15th May or 16th!
dunno the date is of no importance really!
If you know me very well then u oughta know dat i get bored of things very quickly!
So to find a cure for this itch of me getting bored ,I started observing people n its really gud fun!

Now coming to the point I had to go to KC college to submit my forms.My friends were busy with their work so I had no company!
There were no cute chicks around!*sighs*

There I was at CST,all alone n wet n without ne modern means of entertainment!
Then God looked at his beloved son n sent Mr. China phone to the rescue!

From a distance Mr. China phone looked human,but there was more to Mr. China phone dat met the eye.(Am calling this guy Mr. China phone,cos he had a weird china phone model)

He came,he saw n he sat on the seat opposite to me!
He wore this weird black T n sum ultra-weird shorts!
It made me giggle but I resisted it!

He came,he saw n he sat on the seat opposite to me n den he started playing songs on loudspeaker!

He played Himesh n some other artists i never heard of!
I felt like throwing this guy out of the train but he stopped playing those songs!

He made a call to what seemed was his girl friend,yeah on the loud speaker!Let us call her Mrs. Psycho...

Mr. China phone :Jaan!tum kaha ho?

(I almost puked at the spot,I generally don't hate mushy nick names but JAAN/JAANU word comes on my nerves,I wanted to throw him out of the train,but the thought of my wife n two kids made me stop!)

Mr. China phone :Tum aa rahi ho na?mein tumhara intezaar karronga,yes I missed you too!muah muah muah muah!(he started kissing his phone,I felt bad for his phone,anger rushing through my veins)

Mrs. Psycho:Tumne woh bracelet liya mere liye?Kitna naatak kar rahe ho?Neeta ke boy friend ne use woh ek maheene pehle diya tha?agar tum aaj mujhe woh nahi doge to mein tumse baat nahi karoongi![LOL]

Mr. China phone:par jaan tum uske bina hi bahut khoobsoorat lagti ho!

Mrs. Psycho:tum to bas waade karo,mein tumhe nahi milne aa rahi hoon!

She hung up on him,some passengers laughed about it!

But Mr. China phone was not gonna stop at this!

He made another call,yup,on loudspeaker again!

Mr. China phone:Sun yaar,mein aaj nahi mil sakta!nahi woh nahi aa rahi hai!Bahut nautanki karti hai woh!Mujhe nahi lagta woh mujhse pyaar karti hai!mein chod doonga use!waise bhi mere piche to ladkiyon ki line padi hai!Usse acchi mil jaaegi mujhe!
tum log picture dekh lena!Woh Rekha pata hai na,woh to merepe saalon se fida hai!
Tina to apun ke style pe marti hai!

*style,really??I thought!*

Mr. X:sach mein!Usne hi choda hoga tujhe!Pakau sala!Kabhi teri us Tina se mila mujhe!sirf lambi lambi chodta rehta hai!abey aana,mazaa aayega!bhool ja usko!

Mr. China phone :Saale,tu jal mat!apni personality hi aisi hai!nahi jaane dey!

I wanted to laugh my ass out at the moment,but I resisted!

The guy left at some station!I found him totally hilarious!

Whoever said you need a cell phone or an i-pod to entertain you while traveling!

I said to myself,'Badi badi local trains mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai!'{truly original)
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