Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Tackling Writer's Block as a Copywriter.

The fact is it's a good thing. It's terrible to have a writer's block but as a copywriter you stand to gain more from it.

A block basically means you are no longer scratching the surface. You know the usual way of doing something but you want to try something new now.

So how do you do it? You go at it. Hammers and tongs. Aim at putting a minimum number of ideas on the board. Don't think about the quality. Get the engine started. Put 10 on board. When you reach your number, you'd have either found the answer or at least got the confidence to know that in a few more steps you'd find a great idea.

Trust me the moment you pick mileage, you'll be fine. You'll surprise yourself. If indeed you do try it and still can't find a solution, then go take a walk or have a coffee. Better still, have a walk over coffee. Talk to your seniors. Talk to someone who has nothing to do with advertising. Read an article on The Verge. Or the New Yorker. Reread the brief again. Look at what the brand did before. Look at what the competition is doing. Look at the clock and call it a day. Then come in early tomorrow and show the courage to go through the entire cycle again till you find something that reinvents the wheel.
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