Saturday, 25 April 2015

That App Isn't Big Yet Because I'm Not Using It.

Never forget this. You are not your audience. Your social circle doesn't stand for what's actually making waves in the social world. I meet countless dolts every day who diss an app because they  don't use a particular app or because their friends haven't started speaking/talking about it. That's   plain silly. Using yourself or your social circle as a benchmark for apps is the same as treating your neighbour's health advice as the gospel.

Instead, try and stay in the know. Every time you hear about a new app, look it up. Learn more about it. Heck, install it because it's going to be free anyway. A good number of them will be passing fads. A few of them will go on to change the world. You don't want to end up like Kodak and think this Instagram vintage filter app is a passing fad.

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