Saturday, 25 April 2015

Why the Marvel Film Universe is Miles Better than the DC Film Universe.

The films made by Marvel aren't any better than the ones made by DC. I find both comic book universes interesting. In fact, I'm partial to Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy on cinematic terms.

What I have to admire about Marvel is how sensitive they are about all the carnage that goes down in their films. Typically in every comic book film, the last part leads to a big fight. Big enough to raze down entire city blocks as seen in Man of Steel. The same thing happens in both DC and Marvel movies except in Marvel movies, they do one thing different. They actually show superheroes trying to rescue people. An entire portion of Avengers : Age of Ultron just deals with that.

 I think it's incredibly insensitive of DC and Warner Brothers to forget that we live in a post 9/11 landscape. That such citywide cataclysm is a possibility and without thinking twice they okayed the climax of Man of Steel. The climax of Man of Steel is just basically an excuse to show Superman and Captain Zod demolish an entire city for basically 45 minutes. While you are at it, the carnage is filmed in such a haphazard handheld manner it's not cinematic, it's downright amateurish. It's like watching the 90s film Twister except the twister is a whole lot darker and bluer and instead of cows flying into it, you have Superman and Zod going in and out.

What appalls me is how DC and Warner chose Zach Snyder to film the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel and the Justice League movies. And Zach has already confirmed that he is committed to bringing the same amount of senseless carnage on screen. They could have chosen someone with more artistic merit. Someone who knows how to wiggle in a tripod in a budget that's close to $225,000,000. But now that his film grossed $291,021,565 in America alone, it's obvious they would go with a safe bet.

The strangeness doesn't stop here. I'm familiar with the source material for Snyder's next - Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice. As you can guess, Batman and Superman have an epic showdown in the end. And before you think it's not important for a director to be faithful to his movie's source if it's a comic book, let me tell you something. Both Batman and Superman are nice enough to fight it out in an abandoned area. You know why? No civilian casualties. 

Superheroes, are after all supposed to save people. The reason why you see so many rescue missions in the climax of every Marvel movie including the Guardians of the Galaxy is because Marvel chose to take that creative call. As Joss Whedon rightly put it in a Vulture interview, "What a hero does is not just beat up the bad guy — a hero saves the people."

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