Monday, 20 April 2015

A Little Extra Effort Is All It Takes.

Mumbai's railways. Lifeline to the city. Home to some of the world's worst advertising. Ads for questionable drugs, educational institutes and real estate empires are all on display here. The quality of the ads is so bad it's like the people who make these ads gave given up. And so have the people who make these products. I wouldn't be surprised to see a headline that says, 'It works...almost.'

And then I spot this clever little thing. Instead of sticking illegal posters on the walls, that the authorities eventually remove, someone made a makeshift envelope. They put in some flyers and to my surprise, commuters didn't tear all the envelopes. Commuters don't react well to all the visual pollution inside and tear out the posters, bit by bit through the commute. The envelopes though seemed welcome. Catching your attention without demanding it. If only more marketers and ad makers followed suit. And if only the said marketer in question wasn't offering a work from home ponzi scheme.

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