Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Future Will Be Made in China.

A good number of Indians want to move to America. As much as a cliche it sounds, a fair number of South Indians want to move to the gulf. I, on the other hand, want to move to China. And no, I don't even like Chinese food. It's almost surprising when people hear me say that and think it's because of the food. The reason for it can be easily quantified by this deck from McKinsey on the four disruptive forces of the future.

I work at the intersection of digital media and advertising. China is big on digital. Really big. The kind of brand integration allowed by Baidu (their version of Google) and WeChat is beyond believable. Brands can set up stores and chat rooms on WeChat. Hey, WhatsApp, take a hike. I mean, not the app. Geez. And as you can see above, the future looks great for the world. Economically, at least. And much of it would be fuelled by China. Note to self - Must learn Mandarin using Duolingo.

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