Monday, 20 April 2015

People Will Watch Your Ad If It Doesn't Feel Like an Ad.

In today’s media-manic, ADHD-driven consumer landscape, it doesn't matter how good your ad is. What matters is how well it can engage your consumer. So, even if you are selling printers, you have to do more. You don’t just offer your consumer a commercial. You give him content that either entertains, engages or does both to him.

The perfect example for this is Beats by Dre’s The Game before the Game video. Notice the way I use video and not ad. This thing here is beyond classification. One part commercial, one part music video and a whole lot of fun. It comes as a surprise to see how one of the best ‘ads’ to come out during the World Cup wasn’t from a sporting brand. Beats by Dre’s simple video showing a whole volley of soccer stars pumping themselves up clearly emerged as a World Cup winner.

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