Sunday, 29 March 2015

My Favourite Banksy.

Oh, Banksy. You all-knowing, all-seeing prophet of our times. You've targeted capitalism, the surveillance state, frisking and many other evils of our time. And now you decided to take on the modern man's love for his mobile.

The beauty of this graffiti is that it's actually very understated. Banksy like most street artists has to go for the hyperbole but here is a sight that you see every day. Go to a restaurant and have a look at any couple or even any family. Nearly every one is busy with their phones. It's as if the human mind is now incapable of carrying out one conversation at a time. The need to attend to unending pings from your phone is second only to breathing. And that's just sad. I mean for the love of God, we have now a disease called ringxiety. We are getting ruder because we spend more time online. So, please for your sake and for the sake of humanity, put your phone on silent. Yes, there's a switch on the side that lets you do that. Believe me you, you would be much better for doing that. 
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