Monday, 30 March 2015

Louis CK Is Asking You to Switch Off Your Damn Mobile.

Dammit! I sound like a pariah. I think watching the World Cup final without Team India made me just idle around Twitter a little too much. And I feel guilty about it. Anyway now is a time as good as any to share this funny Louis CK clip.

It's classic CK. In that it's about comedy. It's about his razor-sharp observational skills. And about...raising children. It's extremely inspiring to see how much he borrows from his own life. He's a single father of two, and I've reason to believe his kids don't have cell phones. He talks about how kids who spend more time on mobiles are less adept at being empathetic. And then they miss out on the essence of being in the present. Of being able to focus and be alive to the possibility of now without being distracted by the stupid drone on your cellphone.

I think in a few years, we won't do things without broadcasting about it on the internet. But until then, I want you to spend a little more time online and watch this.

Also, Louis CK is coming to town. His first Indian tour was just announced. Can't wait to see the greatest standup acts of our time in person.

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