Saturday, 28 March 2015

Misinterpreting Conflict.

Far too often you will try to run away from conflict. Be it at work or in life. You would hold your breath, bite your tongue, nod peacefully even when you want to bang your hand on the table and denounce the world. You, after all, don't want to disagree. Or be the Devil's Advocate.

So you play along instead. Help make the case for consensus. But by avoiding conflict you are dismissing any possibility of making the end result better, So, why not try and get others to see the bright side of conflicts?

Why not ask them that instead of actively focusing on the antagonistic and disagreeable part of conflicts, we could step back for a moment, and really see conflicts as springboards. Opportunities for interaction and understanding. A chance for dialogue. A chance to make a more rounded discussion where all points are considered.

Now of course like everything else, this is easier said than done. But isn't it time that poor conflict got its much deserved makeover. One that will see it not as an unwanted visitor in a conference room but as that avuncular presence who makes all family gatherings seem bearable.

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