Monday, 21 October 2013

Everything Wrong with the 80s in One Video.

We all look back at our teenage years as that awkward time when we tried a whole lot of things - doing our best to find our foothold and then realising, 'Damn, that was stupid.' The 80s can be best summed up as the awkward teenage years for humanity in general. The bright clothing, the waning counter-culture tide, the afros and the disco music - yes it's all too kitschy. But 80s were the quintessential decade for music videos too. Surely there are a few songs if they play on the radio now, you will turn up the volume but their videos are awkward for sure. Like the video for Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up'. Yes, this song had a big surge due to the Rickroll'd prank, but have you seen the video? Like the entire length of it?

Not all things age well but music videos seem to take the worst hit. Right from the word go you see a blond model (always blonde them models in 80s music videos) dancing for no damn reason. Then you have Rick dressed in a denim shirt and jeans of the same colour. For some racial integration we throw in one Black guy - the bartender. When the camera first points at him, he looks at it suspiciously but Rick Astley's fulsome voice gets him around. So he dances along, jumps over the counter and then for some vague reason jumps on wired fences too. Yes, the song's still quite the earworm, but the music video is one enjoyable eyesore. 

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