Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A Godly Commercial Indeed.

This commercial holds a special place in heart. For it was one of the first commercials that made me realise the awesome power of advertising. That an ad film could be entertaining, wry in its humour and still drive the point across with the same raw power of a feature length film. As for the reasons why this commercial is so memorable, have a look yourself.

I don't know which agency worked on it but to me that's of little importance here. These guys were tasked with promoting Avenger, a bike which is pretty much a clone of the ol' Harley. Now they have riffed on Harley's tone too but they have made it entirely their own. And the voice over is a delight to hear. The guy driving away from his regrets. The wife, the boss, the dad. Leaving it all behind. The ad spells freedom without saying it. The editing and cinematography are pretty decent too. The best touch comes right in the end when a weary farmer stretches his back and leans down again as if he's lying prostrate for the Avenger rider. Truly Godly this commercial. 
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