Friday, 18 October 2013

Possibly the Coolest Verse to Be Ever Dropped.

I am not really big on rap. Most of the songs seem derivative to me and the lyrics as threadbare as Bollywood film plots. All of it is nearly about Black men asking women to do things, telling buds how rich and dangerous they are. And more than often explaining their own puns and verse by verse. I did listen to Eminem once in a while and then some one-off Kanye West songs. But off late I have discovered the reason why Kanye is the global phenom he is. The new Yeezus album is amazing but this concerns his work on the song 'Monster' from his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and specifically the last verse of the album.

The song is stupendous. Infectious beats, crazy lyrics - in possibly an industry first he rhymes oesophagus with sacrophagus. The song's slightly inspired from Michael Jackson's Thriller but props to Kanye for making it his own. This song like the rest in the album highlight his bittersweet relationship with fame - how he enjoys it, the obsessive hounding from the media but hates it too. But the bit I specifically love is the second last verse delivered by (won't use drop again, not really that big on rap yet) by Nicky Minaj. She's a tour de force on this song. She changes her tone on nearly every line. From sweet teenage girl to a tough-as-nails bitch. And when she delivers the hook you can't help but join her in singing, 'I'm a motherfuckin' monster.' Give it a listen. You'll be hooked too. See what I did there, linked the hook in the last line with this one. Explaining my puns like a real rapper y'all.

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