Tuesday, 13 August 2013

What Happens When the Art Director Has a Go at the Copy

Those not aware of Helvetica, here's a small intro. Helvetica is possibly the most popular font of our times. It's ubiquitous, business like without being boring and a whole bunch of brands, right from Apple to a couple of major financial conglomerates use it. Most if not all art directors adore it. You can use it on everything - right from your resume to the centerfold for Playboy and it will never look odd. Which brings me to the point of this Facebook post - some helvetica loving art director decided to dabble with copy and viola, this piece of brilliance came into being. Lesson learnt - never let an art director write copy.

Nah, it's never gonna be 'More Perfect' than Georgia. 
It's not surprising that whenever my art partners see the doodles I make while thinking or for explaining a particular concept, they are left fuming too. Here's an example. You see that thing down there? It's supposed to be an eagle.

Pretty much nailed it, didn't I?
PS: This is all in jest! I need you, Mr/Miss Art Director to ask me to trim that headline and you need me to tell you to go easy on the helvetica. And with some practice and help, we can do each other's jobs and make the work better too. So let's get together and make something better than this piece of turd here. Of course am not talking about my awesome eagle doodle.

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