Sunday, 11 August 2013

Yeh Jawaani Thi Purani - The Laziest Film Review Ever Written.

On this site, we adhere to the highest norms of journalistic integrity and work ethic. Which is why apart from film reviews, you will find me talking about my everyday shenanigans and using this as a photoblog too. And after reviewing Poonam Pandey's debut feature's trailer, yes not the film but its trailer, me and the site management staff (Mainly, me and my alter egos) were wondering how can we hit a new low. And then we came onto this, we post a very delayed review of 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani'. What's more, just to get a kick out of it, we don't even bother writing it, we just post screenshots of the very long email exchange* I had with my friend Sanjana.

Your inconvenience is not regretted.

For someone with your eye sight,
am impressed you are still reading.

You sir/ma'am are a faithful reader. Thank you. 

For the significant 1% Moldovan visitors of this blog, I am sure all this seems strange to you. So to help you out am posting the trailer of the film. Believe me you, watching this trailer is as good as watching the film.

* Ever since Sanjana moved to the US, I have taken upon me the onerous task of keeping her informed about the latest garbage/good flicks that come out of Bollywood. Which reminds me I need to write to her soon and tell her to watch the unintentionally hilarious trailer of Krissh 3.
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