Saturday, 17 August 2013

Destroy My Droid - App Idea.

Ever had a your phone stolen? Ain't that a kick in the head. Apart from losing all your precious data, you lose something that's much more than a device. You lose an indispensable part of your life. Of course there are apps to track your phone in such cases (Find My Droid, some inbuilt one's from Samsung) but chances are you would never see your phone again. If your phone was nabbed by some syndicate, those slime balls can even change your IMEI too. And even if you manage to block your phone or find its location, how do you plan to recover it, if say, it's in Reykjavik.

So what do you do in such cases? Of course file a report with the cops, but do you let the bad guys get away with your phone? No, you go full vigilante on their ass.

Enter Destroy My Droid. The nifty little app I plan to create (with conceivably zero coding skills and generous donations from you, dear reader). You install the app on the phone and if your phone ever gets stolen and you know there's no chance of recovery. You send in your secret Destroy My Droid code to your phone and it explodes. Curious about how the mechanism works? I have no idea about it myself, but you know you want this app on your phone.

For $2 more you can even have your phone dictate a personal message to the guys who stole your phone before it explodes. Special discounts if you go with Samuel L Jackson's 'I will strike down upon thee with vengeance' speech from Pulp Fiction.

You can bring the Destroy My Droid app to life by participating in my Kickstarter campaign. Don't donate to make me rich, do it to do right by your phone and serve justice to those who wronged it and you.

*App soon to be launched for Apple Devices. Tentative Name - 'Here's a Rotten Apple, Bitch'.

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