Wednesday, 15 July 2015

We'll Be Right Back After This Quick Commercial Break.

So I went to Ladakh. And it was nice. Heck, I don't even want to be in Mumbai anymore. But it did take a toll. Breathing at 18,000 ft. is tough, (to sum it up for you, Mt. Everest's peak is around 29,000 ft. I was around 2/3rd of the distance.) and while I was there, I even tried running at that height. Not one of my brightest ideas.

So yes, now I'm back. There's loads to do. And I'm occupied. I didn't end up clicking a lot of portraits much to my surprise but I had my reasons for it. I'm sorry for letting down my faithful readers and myself for not blogging regularly but I assure you a few days more and I will be back. With full power. Fresh posts. And possibly, different types of posts. Till then, here's a cute Tibetan kid for you.

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