Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My Kids Can Be a Bunch of a Kids.

I teach 20-year-olds sometimes. It's fun but taxing. The taxing bit might have to do more with my schedule than the actual teaching.

Anyway, here's something strange I uncovered during teaching. As long as I'm standing and teaching them, with all of them under my watchful eye, no one will utter a word. Everyone is involved. Nodding. Paying attention. The works. The moment I grab a chair or I go near my laptop to play a commercial, the defection sets in. Whispers flutter through the class. Smiles are exchanged. It feels silly but it's fairly tangible. It's as if as long as am watching them, they will behave. The moment I turn my back, they want to mess around. I thought since these guys are all above 18, all constitution marriageable-age adults, things would be different. Turns out they are dearly holding on to their childhoods .

Although it's not all that bad. I won't say that each passing generation gets worse. I've noticed each passing batch gets more whip sharp and audacious. I hate to admit that I notice each preceding year I see the kids get a little meaner to each other and somehow their attention spans get shorter. The important thing is that they are getting smarter. Also, to stand up and watch over them. 
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