Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A Change of Location Always Helps.

Nearly all late night talk show hosts shoot from their own dedicated studios. Nearly all of them (at least the present crop) do a good job of it. But Conan O'brien goes the extra mile. Whenever a special event comes up, he doesn't just have one of his comedians do a segment from that particular event. This guy actually goes the extra mile and shoots an episode from there. When Cuba and America resumed their trade relations, Conan was the only late night host who went there and shot an entire episode on location in Cuba. And boom - the internet exploded. With just one move, his views and coverage skyrocketed.

Here's him doing a bit straight from Comic Con.

What's the big lesson here? Always go where the action is? Well, yes, if you are a late night TV show host. But most importantly, when you are doing the same thing over and over again, try and change your location. Stuck while writing? Take a walk and watch how the words come to you. Sometimes a little change in the landscape is all you need to actually see things differently.

PS: Bruce Wayne must be hating on Conan so much after this clip. 
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