Tuesday, 9 June 2015

You Are Not The Pop Culture You Consume.

I listen to Kanye West. Now, hold that thought. Before you jump to conclusion that I'm just another 20-year-old who likes hip hop, agrees with misogynistic lyrics and is completely on board with Yeezus' power trip, consider this.

You can always enjoy an artist's work without agreeing with the artist. Although I aspire to have the kind of unhealthy self esteem Kanye has today, I don't really agree with his choice lyrics in songs like Bound 2. I do on the other hand love his over the top lyrics like 'They say I was the abomination of Obama's nation' and he does sample in some good stuff and great beats in his songs. But does that mean I'm crazy about Kim K? Definitely not.

It's happened a bunch of time when someone I know finds out that I like Kanye and then they ask me, 'So you like Kim, right?' Now that's same as saying just because I read Lolita, I condone pedophilia.

The point is people will use the books you read, the movies you watch and the music you listen to for judging you. And usually they won't be far off the mark. Pop culture is a way of finding common ground and making small talk. But is it really a foolproof method? Sometimes you need to have a second look. People are more than the sum of the parts. And their hip hop preferences.

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