Thursday, 11 June 2015

New Beginnings. #MicroFiction

If you had to put some distance between you and your past, then 8,000 kilometers felt like a safe bet. So, for a week, he missed every deadline. Stealthily he searched for jobs in Iceland and two months and a turbulent flight later, he was there. 

A different country. Heck, a different continent. A new time zone. Strange new faces. Strange new voices inflecting on vocal notes he hadn’t heard before. He would have much preferred closure but escape was a close second.

As he waited for his baggage to arrive, he marvelled at his reflection in a giant Johnny Walker ad. You kissed your old life goodbye without second thoughts. That’s something you make a toast to.

And then, he saw her again.

Upon closer inspection, he found there was little in common. Blonde, not black hair. A chin piercing, not cheap earrings picked up at Linking Road. No hint of a speck-like mole on her neck. All this Scandinavian woman shared with her was an overbite. And even though he felt he had escaped, he now knew, no matter where he went, he was going to find her.

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