Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Gotta Remember to Smell Those Roses.

Our office offers some breathtaking views. Think a vast panorama of the Mumbai skyline and if you crane your neck hard enough, you will notice the sea over the horizon. Strangely so, I don’t pay that much attention to the view anymore. Maybe it’s just me getting acclimatized. Maybe it’s the hectic work routine.

Yesterday, I watched the sun turning the skies amber around dusk. Words can’t possibly do justice to the view. I looked at it for a moment, smiled at myself or possibly the view and then buried my head back in my laptop. After a few moments as I looked at the spectacular sun set, now in its last legs, I saw a colleague of mine hunched over the glass, taking in the glorious sight.

I guess, the colleague must have been as busy as me but he knew one thing for sure. Gotta make it a point to smell the roses. So, yes, here’s me agreeing to do more of that. And also using my camera phone more often, never mind that the output can be as lackluster as seen here. 

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