Thursday, 14 May 2015

You Will Love Listening to Tove Lo.

Never mind the fact that her name's a tongue twister. Tove Lo was more or less born on the scene as she says in one of her songs and I'm sure she will rule it in a few days. This Swedish pop import is one you need to pay heed to. She's made a name for herself writing songs for Icona Pop (the guys you remember from this Samsung commercial), Sia and others.

Her songs have this nice Euro-pop vibe with a easy foot-tapping groove. Perfect for clubs and pepping up your routine too. The lyrics are fairly basic but then again she's writing pop numbers. Credit to Tove, she can tap into some really reserves. Case in point is the single Habits where she talks about the nature of tweens to chase one high after another. As if hooked on the rush of not a particular drug, but the feeling of a rush.

Talking Body is the perfect showcase of her abilities as a songwriter and singer. She sounds the way Kylie Minogue did in the 90s. Her words are far from sweet. Donning the hat of agent provocateur - she gets straight to the point -  'If you love me right , We fuck for life , On and on and on.' Not big on subtlety but precise in describing how the youth short change a spark for the illusion of having found their one true soul mate.

Scream My Name is the song you can't help but dance to. Or want to dance to if you have two left feet like me. Both in its lyrics and its design, it sounds more like a hip hop number. And, I for one ain't complaining. Go give it a listen and start your love affair with Tove Lo.

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