Monday, 4 May 2015

Understanding What Your Mobile Data Signal Means.

You are on Google Maps. You are on the navigation mode, trying to find the exact directions you need to get to a meeting on time. Except you see nothing. Why? Your mobile data isn't working as per the 21st century standards. It's swerving between E and H+. And you have the slightest idea what the little E on your screen means and why your phone can't do anything online. So here's an informative table to help you get the drift of what your mobile network providers mean to imply with their fancy short codes and what they actually mean.

What your network
provider is saying
What they
actually mean
 What it means for you
 3G/H (HSP - High Speed)
You really thought you could stream a movie on your mobile?  

 2G / E (Edge = 2.5G)
Awww, you do believe you can stream a song on your mobile.

2G / E
Good luck trying to download that WhatsApp video.

Welcome to the stone age.

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