Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Cornetto Is Quietly Nailing This Content Marketing Thing.

There’s this image inside your head. Of you and the love of your life, sharing an ice cream. Looking into each other’s eyes as you sit atop the bumper of your car. Chances are you have shared a moment like this already. Even I don’t know how it works but ice cream somehow is a romantic dessert. You don’t think of soufflĂ© or pastries or Tiramisu when you think of romance. Ice cream, though, is made by cupid himself.

Possibly that was the insight that drove Cornetto to stick to its proposition of Cornetto Cupidity and commission short love stories across the globe. When you think of content marketing, you think of Red Bull and Go Pro and their larger than life set pieces. Cornetto decided to stray the path and do something radical. They decided to go for simplicity and pardon the choice of words, heart melting cuteness.

Witness their most popular film to date. It’s one they made in Turkey and despite featuring subtitles and being 8 minutes long, it still got some 26 mil hits.

Cornetto India just shared the film online on its YouTube channel. And without media support, it still clocked 14 thousand views. That’s actually very commendable. Another smart move on Cornetto’s part was to identity a niche that would work on a global level. This way, they every region makes a film and then they can be shared across the world. Since the films are basically cutesy love stories, there’s less reluctance on part of the audience to watch the film. In fact, they will be more open to reading through the subtitles. 
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