Sunday, 5 April 2015

Why You Need to Be At SXSW.

This is my second post on South By Southwest. And it just shows how intensely I admire it as a festival and a launchpad for the next big cultural monolith. Brian Solis teamed up with the Gaping Void to show you what SXSW stands for, how it will lose a little of its shine as it becomes more mainstream and why it's important for you to be here.

Some of the slides are aphorisms you've heard before but some just hit the nail on its head. Like the one about the book called Entrepreneurship. Which is basically about learning about entrepreneurship by doing it. There's also one about how the founder of Twitter started Twitter for fun and how it's now grown into a tool that can topple dictatorships. 

There's also this quote about how Steve Mills, a Sr. VP at IBM has put up his kindergarten diploma on his wall. The reason for it being, we learn to 'share' in kindergarten. And if you haven't been listening, sharing is the way to power in 2015. Hoarding power isn't going to bring you power. There's a reason why Google let Android be Open Source. And now it's the most used mobile OS. And, oh, I should just let you see this lovely presentation.

PS: Gaping Void and Brian Solis teamed up on this project not for philanthropy's sake or  to give an overview of SXSW for those who couldn't attend it. They did it because they are pitching their new product where Brian supplies the words and Gaping Void provides the pictures. Together, they create beautiful striking presentations like this one. And isn't that a clever way of marketing? They even stayed true to their principles. Of gaining power/wealthy by sharing. A marketer sticking by his words. Refreshing, innit? :D

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