Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Why Exercising at Work May Not Really Work Out For You.

It starts with those inspiring articles. Exercise at work. Ditch the elevator and take the stairs. Get off your chair. Walk every two hours. Well, and then you work till 23:30 on a business pitch. You miss your morning run. You feel guilty. You then go have some Nariyal Pani after lunch (Coconut water for my South Korean readers). And then it strikes you, hey, let me take the stairs today. The only factor you don't consider in your coconut fueled high is that your office is on the 16th freaking floor.

Granted I have climbed up the 16 floors before. But the last time I was with a colleague and we slowly ambled all the way up. Today, the Gonna Fly Now song from the Rocky series played in my head and I dashed up stairs. I was fine till the 8th floor. After that I realised the laws of physics hold true no matter the amount of coconut water in your system. By 10th, I nearly gave up. But it was a matter of pride, so I did my best to walk the remaining floors as fast as I could. 

After that I crashed on my chair. Huffing and puffing. Running 3 km in 30 minutes is manageable for me. This was altogether a different beast. I wanted to drink some water and much to my chagrin my water bottle was empty. I was too tired to walk till the water cooler. My heart throbbed. My calves hurt. This was strange since usually while or after running, it's my ankles that feel sore. Anyway, I was worse for the wear. And then someone told me we had a long day ahead of us because some urgent feedback was to be 'actioned'. I think I nearly broke down.

The lesson being maybe taking the stairs isn't a bright idea after all. Especially when you have a long day of work ahead of you. Maybe you should try for some work-life balance. Maybe you should somehow manage to never miss your morning run. And not make working late an excuse. And most importantly, maybe you should understand that even when Sylvester Stallone shot the Gonna Fly Now sequence in Rocky, he did it in takes. But Goddammit that song pumps you up.

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