Tuesday, 24 March 2015

What Happens When You Look Up Your Name on Urban Dictionary.

Sometimes the World Says the Kindest Things. Maybe not the world but at least the world wide web. I was on Urban Dictionary today doing... frankly does anyone ever reach Urban Dictionary with a solid agenda? 

So anyway, just to bug a colleague, I looked up her name. I knew her name would fetch a response since she shares it with Aishwarya Rai. For my readers from USA and South Korea, she was the annoying but beautiful Indian actress from Pink Panther 2. The movie which you must have possibly seen while battling insomnia or on an airplane.

After we guffawed a bit, she suggested we look up my name and then this shows up.

Meaning of My Name.
Zoom in to see what I really stand for. More or less.

So as per Urban Dictionary, I'm smart. Check. I'm emotional?! But I've been stoic since late 90s. So that's wrong. Let's move on to the part about wearing my heart on my sleeve. The last time I fell for someone England used to be good at their national sport. Scared of rejection? I work in advertising and I still maintain, us copywriters get paid for rewriting, not writing.

Loves crazy women? Well, it's not that  sort of a blog. Jack of all trades, eh? Finally, some due credit. I suck at football and cricket. Let's not even talk about my violin or piano playing skills but I think I could catch up later in life.

I'm reserved. I was shy as a kid. Still am. It's gotten me a bad rep. People mistake it for being snobbish. I also have to admit to the writer's fact that I'm an acquired taste.  Yet, I tip my hat to the writer on Urban Dictionary, Mr. or Miss RockkYourBody with 2 ks. You did get a lot of things right. Do I know you? Ping me. Instagram me. I want you to edit and make corrections. 

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