Monday, 16 September 2013

What if Salesmen Said No?

So I did something I don't do very often. I went shopping. Picked a slightly tacky looking shirt off the rack just to confirm my suspicion if it was just colourful or plain tacky. In comes a salesman who tells me that it was the colour of the season. That I really could pull it off. That it has been selling like hot cakes. That I should buy it because it's slightly loud and how loud was now the order of the day. Just to mess with him I picked up another really loud shirt and asked for his opinion. He reacted by telling me that this was actually a far better choice than the one I made before.

I then politely declined his sartorial advice and walked out. Only wondering if a salesman were to walk up to you and told you that a certain piece of clothing didn't become you - that there were alternatives, better ones, he would gladly introduce you too. Would you listen? Would you even make a purchase due to this honest human customer experience? 
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