Sunday, 15 September 2013

Cheers to Apple for Sticking by its Words.

The Apple unveiled its new iPhone some days back. Or rather iPhones in this case - a big budget one called iPhone 5s and a plasticky, cutesy or as Nokia calls it an iOS Lumia clone called 5c. Both of them are really underwhelming. Yes, there's the 64-bit processor which is indeed a big deal but it's not something that an average consumer can understand, nor is it something that will change his life. Think Siri. Think Instagram. Think any of the flashy Galaxy S4 features. None of them had anything to do with the processing power, but with how the phones actually influence a user's life. All said and done, Apple did impress me by doing one great thing - they stuck by their words. Remember this old commercial where Apple bragged about how the iPhone 5 was ergonomically designed to perfectly fit in any hand?

Well that bit is true. The slightly thinner and wider design on the new iPhones make them far easy to handle than the large bulky smartphones out there. Granted the Xperia Z Ultra or the Galaxy S4 pack more processing power and bells and whistles than the iPhone 5, but do they fit right into your hand like the iPhone 5? What's even better is that Apple resisted the urge to increase their screens like their competitors. The Lumia 1020 is a goliath. The Xperia ZL is not a tab-phone/phablet, it's really tablet you use as a phone. Props to Apple for sticking with sense, instead of gimmicks. Hopefully next time they do something that really gives all the Android powered Smartphone companies a chill down their spines and a run for their money.

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