Tuesday, 17 July 2007

for my friend

well this one is dedicated 2 a good friend of mine!;)

feel that am stranded,no where 2 go
very road seems 2b a dead end,every road leads 2 a place where nobody knows me n where i dont wanna go.
but lifes been better,ur the reason my friend i hope u know!

feel lonely in the croud,i try 2 tell them how i feel
may be am not that loud
maybe they dont understand me
some try and fail 2 do so
u stand apart,how u manage it God only knows!

had a fight,had a long tough day
feeling frustrated,have only misery for company......
but then i find a ray of hope
a girl funny 2 the core who will make me smile!

will help me no matter what!
she will ignore the number of times we have fought,
a person with whom i share my secrets
being ur friend is onething i can never regret

words are the only thing i have 2 describe u
n m certainly lost for words 2 describe u

2morrow might not be as gr8 as 2day
it might b the best day of my life
dunno about 2morrow
or about ne of the coming days,but about one thing am always sure

u will always b there for me,
like u are now
trust me 2 b ur friend is a sheer pleasure!
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