Saturday, 28 April 2007

independence day:)

YES am growing old
m fed up of being told so
i never do the things i want 2 do
none of my wishes ever come true.......

aptly in this condition m stuck
i dont ask for sympathy
i guess i want a change!

keep slogging night n day
in hope of sumthing better is on its way

i guess no one lives life king size
even if one does he surely has 2 pay the prize

all i want is just a day
no work only play:)
a day 2 relax a day 2 dream

a day on which i dont wake up 2 rush 2the shower,
the day on which i have the power
a day 2 stand and stare;)

a day simply 2 rejoice
but ALAS!i dont have a choice
i can only frown
get a call from work
say,'AM ON MY WAY'
on the corner when the red light glows

my cynical mind begins 2 wander off agaain
i start planning again what would i do on my independence day

a day 2 sit back n sing
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