Friday, 31 March 2017

Kinda the Sweetest Birthday Gift This Year.

I'm not big on birthdays. (It's another day, another rotation around the sun, another year where you've taken baby steps towards the big plans.) Plus I've like 5 friends. Or possibly 7, on a good day. They know I'm not big on birthdays, so even the celebrations are a little low-key. But this year, was different. I was completely surprised by this colleague who wrote this (impromptu) poem to wish me. Even inspired me to do it for other people. Sharing it here. It put a smile on my face, and will make you smile too.

Today you were born many years ago,
Your parents brought you home from the hospital.
They think you will grow up to be great same day,
Maybe you will write a book, maybe a play,
Maybe you will figure out if unicorns really exist,
Or invent flying cars to take good folks around. In either case, that day ain't today,
So buckle your shoes and go on by,
Make a big birthday wish and onwards fly,
Towards making many more millions laugh,
And sometimes be sad and cry but always,
Through your words, the little characters
Make them feel a unique new way, in thoughts and action. Peace!
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