Tuesday, 26 January 2016

This Writer is Going Places.

I hitchhiked to L.A. at the first opportunity. When I arrived, the people were sun-kissed and the rampant depression was barely noticeable compared with New York. You can hide all manner of mental illness with a solid tan and veneers. 

The conflict between NYC and LA is as old as time. Both have their perks. Both have their place in creative circles. And, honestly, they don't affect me much but this lovely article by Cirroco Dunlap made me chuckle. It talks about him briefly living between the cities and not being able to make up his mind what works better for him but it also works as a larger metaphor. It's about how we feel when we are stuck between stations - be it choosing a cosy day job or sweating it out at your startup or actually heading out for a night of wild debauchery with your friends or having a quiet night in with movies. Anywho, good read.


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