Friday, 11 September 2015

The Most Feminist Dating App Around.

Meet Bumble. Okay, you can't meet Bumble. Not in the traditional space. It's a new dating app from the co-founder of Tinder. And in more ways than one, it's like Tinder. Except here's where things get interesting. Here women take charge. As if reverse objectifying men, only women have the privilege to initiate a conversation in the app. Which if you think of it, is a nice twist on age-old more of men making the first move. But when you give it more thought, you realise it's silly.

On Tinder or in cyberspace, both the sexes are at equal liberty to approach one another. So, the app's only cool feature works better as a social experiment but not something you can scale up a business on.

Anyway, anything that brings more power to women should be encouraged. So, ladies, here you go, download the app.

It's only available for iOS right now but if I ever use it, you better not forget me for introducing you to the app. And, also start a conversation with me.

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