Thursday, 6 August 2015

Another Tale of a Good Rickshaw Driver.

Rickshaw drivers aren't all that bad. I don't seem to meet any good ones. Not when I need an urgent auto in Andheri but there are some good ones, alright. And here's the story of one of them.

So my boss' wife picked up this cute frilly frock for her friend's 2-year-old. She was just having a look at it in the rickshaw on her way home when it flew out of her hand and onto the highway. The rickshaw driver promptly parked on the side, stepped out in pouring rain, ducking the thick incoming traffic he picked up the dress from the road, dusted it and handed it over to her. She was more than impressed. She was grateful. And she saw finally saw how the heartless city of Mumbai can show a pulse from time to time.


A rickshaw driver was stabbed in my city a few days back. His fault? He refused to ferry some drunk ruffians and they retaliated by stabbing him. Now I know rickshaw drivers are famous for refusing to ply fares and you and I both have argued with them over this. I can even understand people who can't hold their liquor coming to blows but murder, really? Hope his soul rests in peace and I hope the 5 men behind the crime serve the time.
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