Monday, 10 August 2015

A Song to Remind You to Not Shoot Videos in Portrait Mode.

Blame it on the selfie craze. You use your camera phone in portrait mode a lot more than you use it in landscape mode. Which without the jargon means, you hold your phone vertically to snap more pictures than holding it horizontally. While the vertical portrait mode works great for pictures of individuals, it's just an eyesore for videos. You can't see much of the background, everything is in the frame and it is just ugly. When you play your videos on a larger screen or on YouTube, the video will even feature two black bands on the side.

And I have been guilty of that too. You are used to holding your phone straight instead of holding it horizontally. Heck you get better grip in the portrait mode and you don't have to use both your hands. But the point remains is that if you shoot videos in they are going to look ugly. So to make sure this point just registers in your head, here's a fun song, saying just that.

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