Friday, 19 June 2015

The World Could Do with More Inexplicable Sweetness.

Like a whole other Indians, the most reliable alarm clock I ever possessed were my parents. Parents use the lethal combination of screaming, kicking and cajoling to wake you up. After I reached college, I was left to my own devices (read alarm clocks with snooze buttons) and I wasn't really good at making it on time for our lectures. Especially the early 7 o'clock ones. I did the best I could but if I was reaching 10-15 minutes late, then it didn't count, did it now?

Around the time of our college festival, I was responsible for promotion and ideation. I mentioned to one of the teammates how getting to college on time was a big issue and how I had been kicked out of class that very morning.

There was this other girl in the team who heard this and volunteered to wake me up. I thought she was being nice but I didn't think she'd get up at 5:30 am and call. The next day, much to my surprise, she did. And then she continued doing that for the next 2 years. Whenever she was in a lecture and I needed a wake-up call, she used to pretend she needed to head to the wash room and call me from there.

I've no idea why she did it. Even my own batch mates weren't this nice to me. It's easy to think that she had a soft spot for me. But I don't think I did anything to win her affections. She, just was, sweet to me. Inexplicably so. And I was grateful for that. And I wish everyone in this world could somehow find a way to be that inexplicably nice to someone else. 
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