Monday, 29 June 2015

How to Pick the Right Filter for Your Canon Lenses.

Firstly, no matter the company behind your lenses, you need filters. Filters protect your lenses from permanent damage. Shooting in a windy place? Flecks of dust and grains are caught by your filter and protect your lenses from damage. Got too close to the subject and hit it with your lenses? Don’t worry – your filter will take the hit. Same goes for rain drops. Now, that we’ve agreed on the fact that you need filters, we also need to understand filters don’t come one size fits all.

They are designed based on the focal length of your lenses. So a 50 mm prime would require a different filter than your wide angle lenses. And helping you pick the exact filter as per the size of your lenses is this nifty chart.

PS: I think it should be valid for Nikon lenses too, but I’d rather you double check.  All charts courtesy of Tiffen.

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