Saturday, 6 June 2015

Don't Sleepwalk Through Life Or What I Learnt from 'The Day He Arrives.'

There's a reason why your life doesn't change for the better. It's because you do the things you normally do. It helps to have rituals that help you achieve your goals but more than often you have 10 other rituals that bog you down. Your RSS feed. Your YouTube subscriptions. Your inherent urge to procrastinate. If life is the sum of its parts, then the way you spend your time is the aggregate of how you spend it online. So, yes, plug off, disconnect, go offline or go under the rock. You know what you need to do. So, um, why not, just get on with it?

PS: Do watch the Korean flick 'The Day He Arrives'. It's the near perfect allegory for life where Sungjoon, a retired filmmaker spends 4 days idling around Seoul. And every day he manages to repeat the things he did on the previous day. Even the conversations he has with people get repeated. Even the bars and restaurants he frequents are the same. And to add salt to the injury, the director shows how he ends up falling for a girl who looks similar to his ex. By the end of it, there's this comical shot of Sungjoon, getting photographed - his mind developing the image of his life - of how he's just going in circles - repeating the same trivial routine every day. 
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